Friday, March 23, 2012

Stories up for grabs!

There are still tales unclaimed in the Grimm Project! Take a look and pick one, or two! Telles who have already completed their 4 tales are allowed to do more if they would like to! :)

IMPORTANT! This list does not mean that the other tales are off limits! We just feel like it's important to find tellers for these homeless puppies first :) If you don't like any of them, you are free to choose from the rest of the book!

KHM 56 - Sweetheart Roland
KHM 66 - The Hare's Bride
KHM 67 - Twelve Huntsmen
KHM 71 - How Six Men got on in the World
KHM 78 - The Old Man and his Grandson
KHM 80 - The Death of the Little Hen
KHM 90 - The Young Giant
KHM 104 - Wise folks
KHM 106 - The Poor Miller's Boy and the Cat
KHM 107 - Two Travelers
KHM 108 - Hans my Hedgehog
KHM 109 - The Shroud
KHM 110 - The Jew Among Thorns
KHM 111 - The skillful huntsman
KHM 113 - The Two Kings' Children
KHM 117 - The Willful Child
KHM 119 - The Seven Swabians
KHM 121 - The King's Son Who Feared Nothing
KHM 130 - One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes
KHM 134 - The Six Servants
KHM 137 - The Three Black Princesses
KHM 151 - The Three Sluggards/The Twelve Idle Servants
KHM 152 - The Shepherd Boy
KHM 154 - The Stolen Farthings
KHM 155 - Looking for a Bride
KHM 159 - The Ditmars Tale of Wonders
KHM 162 - The Wise Servant
KHM 163 - The Glass Coffin
KHM 171 - The Willow-Worn
KHM 174 - The Owl
KHM 180 - Eve's Various Children
KHM 182 - The Little Folk's Presents
KHM 184 - The nail


  1. I am a teacher librarian and I just found out about this project. Can you please give me further information? Until when should we send the videos? I'd love to participate with our library and students, eventually local storytellers in this project. However, first I have to know if I can find one of thes versions in Portguese and dead lines.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Susana, give me your email address and I'll send you more information! Welcome to the site! :)

  3. Would you like me to advertise to Storytelling Australia?
    We're on facebook

  4. Hans My Hedgehog is one of my favourite stories I have told it often. I used to be a Storyteller with Storytelling-in-Hope when we met at the Bob Hope theatre. I live in Canada now. Can I tell Hans? How would I send it to you?
    Bethany Ellis

  5. Is this still open for peopl tp participate? I thought these all had to be done by dec 2011 so thought I'd missed the boat?