Thursday, March 15, 2012

KHM 59 - The Future - Storyteller: David Heathfield

KHM 59 - Frederick and Catherine
Read the original story: in German, in English, in Spanish

Storyteller David Heathfield tells The Future, a retelling of the Westcountry folk tale Hereafterthis as included in Jacobs collection English Fairy Tales. Hereafterthis was collected in South West England by Reverend Sabine Baring Gould and is a variant of Brothers Grimm tale 59 Frederick and Katherine, about a foolish wife.
Here David tells the story with Heavitree Ladies Association in Exeter

Wishes and Fishes
From 200 years ago Wilhelm Grimm makes an extraordinary wish to know whether the tales he collected will still be known in the future and suddenly finds himself with you telling the tales he and Jakob collected.
"Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, denn leben sie noch weiter.” And if they haven’t died, then they are still alive
This David Heathfield Storytelling event is available for booking in celebration of The Project Grimm

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