Monday, April 9, 2012

KHM 94 - Die kluge Kohlenbrennerstochter - Storyteller: Birgit Lehner (Excerpt)

Read the original story: in German, in English

"Die kluge Kohlenbrennerstochter" (The Charburner's Clever Daughter) is a variant of the Grimms' Tale "The Peasant's Clever Daughter" (KHM 94). It has been collected in the 1930ies in germanspeaking villages in Northern Hungary: As in the original Grimms' tale, the king expulses his wife, the charburner's daughter, because she has interfered with his business, and allows her to take with her only what is dearest in her eyes. She chooses her husband. In this variant the queen carries the sleeping king on her own back home to her father's house.

Birgit Lehner tells her version in Austrian dialect. The performance took place in august 2010 in Upper Austria during a festival celebrating that - thanks to the initiative of Austrian storyteller Helmut Wittmann -- storytelling had been put on the Austrian UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Find the Grimms' tale in English (And German, Italian, Danish, Netherlands):

This excerpt of a full-length 10-minutes video (© was produced for the "Project Grimm 2012": In this project European storytellers share stories from the famous collection of fairytales celebrating the 200th anniversary of the first edition of the collection by the Brothers Grimm.

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Birgit Lehner is a professional Austrian actress and storyteller. She lives in Vienna and tells in German, French and English.

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  1. I love your storytelling - you truly live the story so it comes right through you. It was challenging for me to understand at first because of the dialect you use, so I stopped and read the story in English before listening to you tell the story again.
    I'm lucky to have a clever wife myself.