Monday, April 9, 2012

KHM 92 - Die Königin aus der Rosenstadt - Storyteller: Birgit Lehner

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Birgit Lehner tells her version of the Grimms' tale "The King of the Golden Mountain" (KHM 92), partially interweaving it with the folktale "The Queen of the Town of Roses" that has been collected in the 1930ies in germanspeaking villages of Northern Hungary. In this variant the enchanted queen has not been changed into a snake. She is a beautiful woman and obviously very strong herself: Before she asks the hero to release her she tests his strength by hitting him three times - which is a quite funny scene. The end of the variant, though, is more conciliable than in the Grimms' tale: In order to stay with her first husband, the queen asks her guests at her second marriage whether an original key or a copy would fit better, and everybody votes for the original key.

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This video (Editing: Ingrid Edtmeier) was recorded in january 2012 in the Brunnenpassage, Vienna, for the "Project Grimm 2012". In this project European storytellers share stories from the famous collection of fairytales celebrating the 200th anniversary of the first edition of the collection by the brothers Grimm.

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Birgit Lehner is a professional Austrian actress and storyteller. She lives in Vienna and tells in German, English and French.

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