Friday, January 20, 2012

KHM 99 - Spirit in the Bottle - Storyteller: Brendan Nolan

(Read the original story: in German, in English, in Spanish)

Spirit in the Bottle (KHM 99) told in English by Brendan Nolan
Recorded in the Teachers Club Dublin .
Brendan tells original and traditional stories from Ireland , and his native Dublin , in particular.
He presents Telling Tales the weekly access radio programme for writers and storytellers which may be heard online on his website.
Brendan has broadcast more than 90 stories of his own, mostly light-hearted, about people he knows or has met.
He is author of the story collections: Barking Mad: Tales of Lovers, Liars, Layabouts and Lunatics and of Dublin Folk Tales, the latter published by the History Press with distribution in the US , UK , and Ireland .

Phone (353) + (0)1 628 11 25
Mobile: (353) + (0)87 795 21 74

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