Friday, January 20, 2012

KHM 1 - The Frog Prince - Storyteller: Máirín Mhiclochlainn

(Read the original story: in German, in English, in Spanish)

The Frog Prince (KHM 1) told in Irish by Máirín Mhiclochlainn
Recorded in the Teachers Club Dublin.
Galway-born Máirín is a full-time storyteller who tells stories in Irish and with translations into English.
Her repertoire includes stories from the Fianna cycle and local history stories, stories for children, and original stories.
Many of her folklore stories she heard from her father Beartla Malone.
As an actor, Máirín also presents plays in schools, adapting old stories for the stage.

Phone: (353) + (0)91 593799
Mobile (353) +(0)86 0888578

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